The Environment Committee shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the County Board County Board Chairman with advice and consent of the County Board.


Committee Members


John West, Chairman
June Chartrand, Asst. Chairman
Richie Meile
Marty Crawford
Nicholas Miller 
Ken Easterley
Paul Seibert
This Committee shall:
  1. Exercise general supervision over the Zoning and Mapping and Platting Departments.
  2. Review the budget transfers of the Department managers.
  3. Approve all subdivision plots, planned unit developments, zoning permits, zoning variances and zoning amendments.
  4. Prepare and recommend a mobile home code, flood plain code, fire code, building code, subdivision code, nuisance code, health code and to review them annually for necessary revisions.
  5. Act as liaison between the Board and to cooperate with the Zoning Board of Appeals, Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and all municipal planning commissions and zoning boards to provide long range planning for land use to protect the environment.
  6. Review status changes in the Zoning and Mapping and Platting Departments.
  7. Review the enforcement procedures of the County, relative to all County environmental codes.
The Environment Committee meetings are held at 3:00 pm in the St. Clair County Board Conference Room.