St. Clair County Geographic Information System

​The goal of the St. Clair County Geographic Information System (SCC GIS) is to establish, maintain, and enhance a fully functional and integrated enterprise geodatabase warehouse which supports St. Clair County departments, outside data users, intergovernmental agency collaborations, and private organizations that require an authoritative base map of the County.

The geodatabase warehouse contains a variety of data layers which include parcels with tax assessment information, cadastral data, various sets of boundaries including incorporated places, townships, school districts, and voting precincts, street centerlines, railroad lines, and demographics.  Also, the warehouse contains geodatabases of orthophotographic aerial imagery taken in the March-April timeframe of  2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2017, and 2020 along with a complete set of oblique aerial images taken in March-April 2008, 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2020 that feature very high resolution images of urban areas within the County.

SCC GIS provides public access to parcel, cadastral, and tax data using an interactive cadastral mapping web site.  Links to this site are available from this web page (see Interactive Parcel Map), the Assessor’s web page, and the web page maintained by the County’s Mapping and Platting department.  The Assessor’s web link provides more detailed real property and tax information in a report format that can be used to query specific parcels using the mapping system.

SCC GIS maintains a GPS beacon, radio transmitter, and a geographic reference system for surveying and other applications requiring precise location information.  Correction data are provided on this web site for post-processing operations (see Control Monuments).  The radio transmitter is licensed to operate at 20 watts on 453.10mh.  Control monument  pairs have been located throughout the County to support data collection and specifically near right-of-ways for convenient access.

SCC GIS supports spatial data users with consulting, help desk, and software training.  Workshops and seminars are available to County departments on specific topics related to business processes that rely on spatial and other data stored in the data warehouse.  In addition, SCC GIS convenes user group meetings which provide updates on data, access methods, and end-user applications.  These meetings are open to County departments and registered guests.

The enterprise geodatabase warehouse is accessible through data connections maintained by SCC GIS.    These connections may be available using Virtual Private Network (VPN) authentication hardware and software for users accessing the system from computers outside of the St. Clair County network domain.  Data layers from the warehouse may be purchased as shape files or personal geodatabases which require the use of GIS software.  Aerial imagery is available in MrSID and TIFF file formats.  Also, custom mapping and reports are available and provided on a time and material cost basis.

SCC GIS provides consulting services to outside agencies and organizations engaged in data collection, planning, and service delivery assessments based on time and material agreements.


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