Veterans Assistance Commission

General Information

Veterans Assistance Act, Section 45/1 – 45/11.

The Veterans Assistance Commission of St. Clair County is a temporary financial assistance agency. We assist with food and hygiene vouchers, rent and utilities. Rental assistance is based on family size and is sliding scale. Food and hygiene vouchers are also a sliding scale and based on family size. The Food Vouchers are in the form of Aldi gift cards. These are redeemable at either Aldi store.  Utilities are assisted only with the current usage reflected on the most recent billing.

We do not assist with past due amounts. There is a $500 limit on the total amount of utility assistance in a month. In the case of both rental and utility assistance, we do not assist with any fees or deposits and no past or overdue amounts.

Eligibility for assistance is based upon essentially two things. First, are you a veteran, the widow of a veteran or the minor child of a veteran.

In any case, the veteran’s DD-214 (Discharge) or comparable form issued by the armed services or National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) showing an Honorable discharge, with no indication of misconduct, must be presented before any further actions may be taken in the certification process.

Second, what is your gross income per month? The following chart is the income guideline according to family size:

1 $1,215.00
2 $1,643.00
3 $2,072.00
4 $2,500.00
5 $2,928.00
6 $3,357.00
7 $3,785.00
8 $4,213.00
9 $4,652.00
10 $5,070.00
11 $5,498.00
12 $5,927.00
13 $6,355.00
14 $6,783.00



Each additional add $428.

Those over the income guidelines can petition on a per case basis to receive assistance if they can show evidence of an unusual situation causing them a temporary need. Also, a one-time assistance can be granted to someone over the income guidelines. These exceptions are through the Superintendent, only.

The following are some basic guidelines for clients of this office, but are not the full set.


The Veterans Assistance Commission of St. Clair County office, in order to maintain a properly run facility, has some basic rules governing our clients conduct and actions. Infractions involving these rules will result in varying degrees of suspension of privileges. These guidelines are as follows:

  1. This office is a place of business and you will conduct yourself in such a manner. Loud talking, abusive language or threatening gestures will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and be denied service at that time.
  2. Do not arrive at this office “under the influence” of any substance (i.e., alcohol, drugs, etc.). You will be denied service at that time and re-scheduled.
  3. There are guidelines which determine eligibility for the assistance available through this office. We adhere to these guidelines. You are judged using these guidelines and only these guidelines. These guidelines do not include age, sex, religion, national heritage or race.
  4. If you are found having falsified documents or giving false information you will be permanently suspended from receiving service through this office. Your name will also be turned over to the St. Clair County States Attorney for prosecution.
  5. We do not pay rent to relatives giving you assistance, and we do not give assistance with utility bills not in your name or that of your legal spouse (girlfriends, fiancés, etc. do not qualify).
  6. You will be asked to bring in certain documents and these are necessary to start the process. You will also be asked to have certain forms filled out and returned. These are also a necessary part of the process. These documents and paperwork must be done promptly and completely before any assistance can be given. Do not ask any of the personnel in this office to ignore missing documents or forms, they will not grant your request.
  7. When receiving assistance you will be told to return the necessary paperwork (i.e., signed vouchers, receipts) to this office. The timely return of these is necessary for us to process paperwork for the St. Clair County Auditor’s Office. For that reason, we have a time limit of three (3) working days to return the paperwork. The return of that paperwork within the time limit is your responsibility.
  8. When we schedule you for appointments that is time that we reserve for attention to your case. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment, call us to reschedule. That allows us to possibly see someone else during that period of time. If you do not call to cancel you are wasting our time and we take a dim view of that disregard. If your appointment to receive your assistance is missed with no notice we will wait two (2) days and then cancel all checks and vouchers and you will not be eligible for assistance for at least 90 days.


Other Veterans' Resources

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Belleville, IL 62226
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