If Your Property Taxes Were Sold

The purchase of a delinquent tax by a tax buyer does not cause the immediate loss of property. A residential property owner has 24 to 30 months to buy back ("redeem") the sold delinquent tax before the tax buyer can acquire the deed.

The St. Clair County Clerk's Office​ is where sold delinquent taxes are redeemed. Contact the St. Clair County Clerk to learn the full cost of redemption, including all fees, penalties and interest.

Note carefully the following:
The interest rate on the sold delinquent tax doubles every six months.

  1. A redemption of the sold delinquent tax—including all fees, penalties, and interest—must be paid in full. Partial redemption is not accepted.
  2. The tax buyer who purchased the delinquent 2018 or 2019 tax may add any unpaid 2020 tax to the 2018 or 2019 tax sale after the second installment due date (TBD) and before the next tax sale.