If Your Property Taxes Were Sold

The purchase of a delinquent tax by a tax buyer does not cause the immediate loss of property. A residential property owner has 24 to 30 months to buy back ("redeem") the sold delinquent tax before the tax buyer can acquire the deed.

The St. Clair County Clerk's Office​ is where sold delinquent taxes are redeemed. Contact the St. Clair County Clerk to learn the full cost of redemption, including all fees, penalties and interest.

Note carefully the following:
The interest rate on the sold delinquent tax doubles every six months.

  1. A redemption of the sold delinquent tax—including all fees, penalties, and interest—must be paid in full. Partial redemption is not accepted.
  2. A tax buyer who purchases delinquent tax may add any unpaid future taxes to back taxes owed after the second installment due date and before the next tax sale.