Special Needs Registry

What is the special needs registry?

The Special needs registry is a tool being developed for use by St Clair County that enables emergency responders to locate and service those with special needs. This partnership will allow first responders to know of any special needs persons and what their needs are in their area. This then allows your first responders to prioritize their response during emergency situations. This program will help meet the needs of persons who could need assistance during evacuations and sheltering because they are elderly, physically, mentally, sensory disabled, visually or hearing impaired, require oxygen, or other challenges.
Once collected, officials will plot all of the residents with challenges on a map layer and note their special needs. If a disaster happens, the County will be able to readily identify individuals who are registered.
You may be initially contacted to verify the information that you submitted and occasionally there after to verify if the information is still current.  
Who are people with special needs?

The population is made up of people who are vulnerable, at risk, or hard to reach and will require specialized communications and/or transportation during and emergency.
In an effort to identify residents with special needs in the event of an emergency, St Clair County Emergency Management has developed a form to distribute to residents to build a special needs registry.

In the event of a disaster or the potential for a disaster the information that you provide in this application may be used to:
• establish contact with you to assess your situation and provide you with information you may need in order to prepare for or respond to a disaster;
• direct you toward the facility or shelter which is most suited to meet your needs in the event you are unable to remain home, or to make other arrangements for your care and safety;
• assist emergency services personnel and volunteers in providing services.

All of the information submitted will be confidential, and will be used by first responders. Residents who have special needs or challenges should fill out the form, available on the County Website. This form may be filled out and submitted on line or printed out and mailed to the address on the form.