Policies, State Laws, Local Ordinances

Each Animal, upon being brought to the Animal Control Center, is scanned for a microchip, evaluated for health and temperament.  The Animal Control Center Veterinarian and staff will continue to monitor the health of each animal during its stay.  Healthy animals displaying good temperament are placed in our Adoption Center or offered to licensed rescues.

Animal with Unknown Ownership:

The animal is held for 7 days, if not claimed, is evaluated for adoption or placement with a rescue.

Animal with Known Ownership:

The Animal is held 7 days.  An attempt is made to contact the owner by all means available, telephone, mail, doorhangers.  If contact has not been made with the owner in 7 daysand animal is deemed adoptable it will be made available for placement.

Owner surrender animals will be evaluated on entry for placement.

Dogs and Cats Involved in a Human Biting Incident:

A dog or cat that bites a human is required by law to be confined for 10 days.

If a dog or cat is currently vaccinated for rabies, or under 4 months of age, the pet may be released to the owner for home confinement.  The owner is responsible to have the pet examined by a licensed Veterinarian in the State of Illinois to be cleared.  Those dogs and cats that are not currently vaccinated and are over 4 months of age must be clinically confined either at Animal Control or with a licensed Veterinarian in the state of Illinois.

Adoption of Animals:

St. Clair County adopts dogs and cats under the following provisions; the health of adopted animals cannot be guaranteed.  Due to the types of diseases that common to dogs and cats, there are incubation periods during which symptoms of disease cannot be detected.  If an adopted animal gets sick within one week of being adopted, the animal should be returned to the Adoption Center to be examined by our Veterinarian.  Disposition will be on a case by case evaluation by the Veterinarian.  St. Clair County cannot be responsible for any expenses incurred by the owner of an animal adopted from the Adoption Center after it has left the facility.

Redemption of Impounded Animals:

Photo identification of the owner is required when reclaiming an animal.  The animal may be reclaimed by the owner upon payment of all fees incurred as a result of the impoundment.

St. Clair County Ordinances

State of Illinois Animal Control Act