ADA Complaints

ADA Complaints
Any individual who feels they have been discriminated against in the provision of a program or service operated by St. Clair County shall have the ability to file a formal grievance, have the grievance responded to and have the right to request an appeal if they are dissatisfied with the resolution of their grievance. The procedures to be followed in filing a formal grievance shall be made accessible to the general public. File electronically with our online Grievance Form.
Who can file a complaint?
Anyone who feels they have been discriminated against on the basis of disability by St. Clair County in the provision of a County program, service or activity has the right to file a complaint by contacting the ADA Coordinator. The County will work with the individual to resolve the complaint on an informal level. If that is not possible, the individual may file as per the County’s ADA Grievance procedure.

How to file a complaint
The County’s ADA procedure is the mechanism by which individuals may file complaints of disability discrimination under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. The ADA office, 19 Public Square Suite 150, Belleville IL 62220 serves as the conduit between the grievant and the department against whom the complaint is made. Formal ADA grievances can be submitted online or in writing by mail. The ADA office will assist anyone who needs help in completing the form.