Website accessibility policy for St. Clair County Websites

In an effort to make the county website and its associated services available to the broadest range of users, the following steps will be taken to ensure accessibility:

  1. The Webmaster (or other individual with approval rights) will review the site on a quarterly basis for the following:
    1. Check the HTML of all new web pages. Make sure that accessible elements are used, including alt tags, long descriptions, and captions, as needed.
    2. If images are used, including photos, graphics, scanned images, or image maps, make sure to include alt tags and/or long descriptions for each.
    3. If you use online forms and tables, make those elements accessible.
    4. When posting documents on the website, always provide them in HTML or a text-based format (even if you are also providing them in another format, such as Portable Document Format (PDF)).
  2. The Webmaster will train other individuals with approval rights on the technical aspects of the conditions listed above.
  3. All new pages submitted will be checked for compliance with the conditions listed above before approval and publishing.
  4. Information pertaining to website accessibility can be reviewed at the following website: