All 2023 renewable exemptions were mailed out on 12/30/2022. The Assessor’s office is now responsible for processing the Veteran with Disabilities exemption and the Board of Review is responsible for processing the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze and the Persons with Disabilities exemptions.  The Board can be reached at 618-825-2489 if you have a question about the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze or Persons with Disabilities exemption.  Please allow two weeks before requesting a new form be mailed out to you.

The Assessor's Department is currently open to the public, but much of the business with our office can be completed via email and phone. Click the "Contacts" link on this page for the various departments within our office to ensure that your email reaches the correct person. You may also reach us at 618-825-2704. 

Assessor’s Department

It is the function of the Assessor to administer an accurate, equitable and timely assessment of all real property in St. Clair County. The Supervisor of Assessments DOES NOT calculate taxes, determine tax rates or collect taxes. The Assessors focus is on value, not taxes. This mandated function includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Monitor and comply with the Illinois State Statutes and the Illinois Department of Revenue procedures.
  • Apply qualified exemptions.
  • Timely certification of the completed assessment roll to the Board of Review to facilitate timely tax calculation and billing as required by statue.
  • Defend decisions when an appeal is made to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.
  • Real property in St. Clair County is assessed on a quadrennial basis. The assessments are alternated among 22 townships in the County.

Additional Assessor Resources

Our staff can answer questions regarding the calculation of property record cards and the verification of property ownership. We can assist those wishing to view or compare sales of properties throughout the County. Applications for Homestead Exemptions are available in the Assessor's Office and our staff can provide assistance in filling out these forms. Call 825-2704.

Please visit our FAQ Page for answers to out most common questions.

Organizations, service clubs, community groups and churches may request that jennifer Gomric Minton make a presentation before their membership. Jennifer is prepared to provide information on the assessment process and tax related topics. Please call 618-277-6600, ext 2502.

Customer Service Team and Homestead Exemptions
General Homestead (Owner Occupied), Veterans and Persons with Disabilities, and Returning Veterans' Exemptions
Phone: 618-825-2704
Fax: 618-825-2757
Commercial Property
Phone: 618-277-6600, ext. 2521 and 2513
Farm Valuation
Phone: 618-825-2504
Phone: 618-825-2511
Residential Property
Phone: 618-825-2515
Mobile Home
Phone: 618-825-2506
Forestry Management
Regional Forestry Manager - Mark Brown - 618-295-2877
Conservation Stewardship
Springfield Office - 217-785-8284
Tax Rate
County Clerk's Office, 618-277-6600, ext. 2365
Change of address for tax bills/assessment change cards
Mapping and Platting Department: 618-277-6600, ext. 2533
Board of Review and Homestead Exemptions
Person with Disabilities, Senior Assessment Tax Freeze and information on Property Assessment Appeals. Phone 618-825-2489 E-Mail:
Mobile Home Delinquent Tax
County Clerk's Office, 618-277-6600, ext. 2363
Mobile Home Tax
Treasurer's Office, 618-277-6600, 2451
Tax Sale
County Clerk's Office, 618-277-6600