Greater St. Clair County Immunization Coalition

For further information or if you have questions about immunizations for you or your family call  Infectious Disease Prevention Services at 618-825-4434 or  email at

With the support of the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control, EverThrive Illinois created several local immunization coalitions throughout the state   St. Clair County Health Department agreed to lead an Immunization Coalition to serve St. Clair County and surrounding communities. Numerous community partners have joined together to coordinate immunization education and services. Inaugural meeting of the coalition was held Feb. 17,2017

To raise immunization rates in local communities throughout St. Clair County and surrounding region

To convene existing partners to speak with one voice and one message

To create an intentional and systematic approach to addressing vaccination barriers


CDC Vaccines and Immunizations 

Comprehensive source of publications and educational resources for all age groups, health providers and parents

Immunization Action Coalition

The IAC is a the nation’s premier source of child, teen, and adult immunization information for healthcare professionals and patients. 

GSCCIC  Educational Resources

Local immunization information, publications and resources highlighting metro-east services and events

Increase immunization coverage levels of persons throughout the lifespan to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases and promote public health.

​Foster a network of immunization providers​

Educate health care providers on current and evolving immunization practices

Promote community education on benefits of immunization

Strengthen individual provider knowledge and skills on immunization administration through training and competency building.