The members of the Public Safety Committee are appointed by the Chairman of the St. Clair County Board.

It is the responsibility of the Public Safety Committee to:

1. Assist Departments and Agencies in complying with the Illinois Right-to-Know law.

2. Recommend methods for promoting safety throughout the County.

3. Supervise the operation of the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency.

4. Review all accidents to property and people.

5. Establish a system for handling employee safety regulations.

6. Develop a new employee safety orientation program.

7. Establish a safety inspection program.

8. Develop or revise safety rules and procedures.

9. Promote safety contest or awards programs.

10. Provide or arrange special training programs. (Accident investigations, driver training, etc.)

11. Communicate current and proposed regulatory requirements to departments or agencies.

12. Develop and implement specific accident prevention activities.

13. Review, update and prepare an annual report on the status of the County Risk Control Program.

14. Review supervisors' safety activity reports. (If required.)

15. Review minutes of Departmental Safety Committees. (If required.)