The St. Clair County Finance Committee consists of seven County Board members that are appointed by the St. Clair County Board Chairman.

The Finance Committee meets the last two Mondays of every month in the St. Clair County Board conference room. On the last Monday, the Finance Committee meets prior to the County Board meeting and begins at 7:00 p.m. Other meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

According to the St. Clair County Code, the Finance Committee shall:

1. Determine and approve the total amount for personnel and non personnel expenditures in all departments of County government.

2. Supervise all County finances, including, but not limited to the annual budget appropriation ordinance, tax levy, claims and expenses.

3. Exercise continuous review of expenditures in order to preserve proper balance between budgeted amounts and expenditure amounts.

4. Recommend fees and salaries, where they are not otherwise fixed by law.

5. Review official bonds provided by statute.

6. Review and direct all insurance programs.

7. Review all audits of departments and special funds.

8. Establish a centralized office for all County employees for personnel records, benefits, insurance and the retirement program.

9. Supervise the procedures, policies and administration of the Director of Purchasing, to assure proper implementation of the County "Purchasing Code".

10. Supervise the awarding of purchasing contacts for the County Board.

11. Review and approve budgetary requests of the Mental Health Board.

12.Prepare a personnel code for County employees.

13. Review the annual audit to determine what action is required to implement the recommendations made by the outside auditing firm.

14. Assist each department in the implementation of each recommendation as it pertains to that department.

15. Report to the County Board the progress of the implementation.

16. Review all special audits and their recommendations.