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  Flood Information                              

Flooding can occur along St Clair County's mapped floodplains, but it can also occur when storm sewers, roadway drainage ditches, and drainage paths around homes and businesses become overwhelmed with water. For further information on if your property is subject to flood hazards go to our Flood Map Information Page.

 Prepare & Protect                                          

  • Flood Emergencies - Learn how to be prepared for flood emergencies.
  • Flood Protection - Learn ways to protect yourself and your property by instituting flood protection methods.

 Floodplains in St Clair County 

Floodplains are designated areas along the County’s waterways, including:

  • Mississippi River
  • Kaskaskia River
  • Silver Creek
  • Richland Creek
  • Ash Creek
  • Canteen Creek
  • Catawba Creek
  • Douglas Creek
  • Hog River
  • Loop Creek
  • Ogles Creek
  • Schoenberger Creek
These areas are classified as Special Flood Hazard Areas, Zone A, Zone AH, or Zone AE on the floodplain maps.
St Clair County's Floodplain Management Efforts
Examples of the County’s efforts to improve flood conditions include:
  • Creating open space at Silver Creek Nature Preserve
  • Participating in the Community Rating System (CRS), which automatically provides homeowners in the regulatory floodplain with a 15% discount on their flood insurance premiums.
  • Participating in the National Flood Insurance Program.