Protect People from the Hazard

Many times, flooding along the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers can be predicted up to a week in advance, giving ample warning for preparation and evacuation. However, in the event of a flash flood due a large rain event, you may be the first to notice the oncoming situation and have only hours to execute your plan. You can view Real-time Flood Gauge data of the Mississippi River and Kaskasia River to track current water level and flood predictions.
  • Do not walk through flowing water.  Six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet. 
  • Do not drive through a flooded area. Two feet of moving water can carry away most vehicles.
  • Turn off gas and electricity at the main switch.
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical lines.
  • Be alert for gas leaks. 
The National Weather Service will issue flood watches or warnings as appropriate through television and radio stations.
Before the next flood take the time to prepare a Disaster Supply Kit and make a Family Communications Plan in the event you are separated or need to evacuate.
Stay safe during and after a flood by following important tips provided by

Protect Your Property from the Hazard

There may be permanent flood protection measures you can do to protect your property.  The simplest action is to keep ditches and storm drains free of debris.  Check that your downspouts drain away from the house or building but not to your neighbor's building.  Some protection measures may need a building permit and others may not be safe for your type of building.  Contact the Building & Zoning Department before alterations begin. 
  • Install a floor drain plug, standpipe, sewer backup valve, or other mechanism to prevent sewer backup flooding into your building. 
  • Check your building for water entry points often at basement windows, doors, and dryer vents. 
  • Relocate utilities such as washer, dryer, furnace, water heaters, HVAC equipment above the flood risk.
  • Elevate or remove contents from basements or levels below grade so flood waters cannot damage the contents. 
  • Elevate the building so that flood waters do not enter and cause damage.
More information on ways to protect your property from flooding is available from the following resources: