Highway Department Construction Projects
Recently Opened to Through Traffic:
Bunkum Road Improvements
Pavement Joint Repairs
Probst Road Bridge Replacement
Rieder Road Interchange
Signal Hill Blvd Improvements
Under Construction:
Jefferson Street (Millstadt) ADA Sidewalk Improvement
Intersections of Frank Scott Parkway, Old Collinsville Road, Hartman Lane and Greenmount Road
Front Street Improvements
Under Construction Contract:
Frank Scott Parkway Widening from 159 to Old Collinsville Road
In Design:
Jefferson Street (Millstadt) Overlay Bid Date 1-18-2018
Reinneck Road Bridge- Township and County                                                                 Programmed 2018
Frank Scott Parkway Extension from Cross Street to Maple Street                                    Programmed 2019 -2020
Frank Scott Parkway Widening from Old Collinsville Road to Greenmount                           Programmed in 2021 -2022
Scott Troy Road Improvements                                                                                    Programmed 2019
Sullivan Drive Resurfacing                                                                                             Programmed 2020
ADA Access at Hartman and Frank Scott Parkway –Private funding
Greenmount Widening from 161 to Lebanon Avenue   
Hillstown Road Structure Replacement - Townshipand County
Golden Rule Mine Road Intersectionwith Baldwin Road- Township Grant and County