The State of Illinois offers exemptions to residential owner/occupied property owners. The four basic and most often applied exemptions are listed as follows:
*NOTE: Exemptions are not applicable to rental property.

General Homestead (S.B.1790):  Property owners can receive a maximum exemption of $6,000(in assessed value), effective in 2009, for owner/occupied residential property.
Senior Citizens Exemptions: Property owners (age 65 or over by Dec. 31 of the tax year) may receive a $5,000 exemption (in assessed value) for owner/occupied residential property. Applications are available in the Board of Review office.

Senior Citizens Homestead Freeze:  Property owners (age 65 or older with a total household income of $55,000 or less during the preceding tax year) may be able to freeze their property value. Applications are available in the County Assessor's office and the Board of Review; you must file this annually to receive this exemption.

Homestead Improvement: Home improvements (up to $75,000 that qualify) on owner/occupied residential property may be exempted up to four years from the date of completion. Applications are available in the Board of Review Office.

It is important to understand that neither the County Assessor nor the Board of Review has any control over your property taxes. YOU MUST PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES. Property taxes come from levies established by taxing bodies such as municipalities, school districts, park districts, etc. If you are concerned about rising taxes, contact your taxing authorities, attend budget hearings and work with your local and township elected officials for efficiency in government.

Board of Review contact numbers:
Pat Boze - Chief Deputy 277-6600 ext. 2491
Angelia White - Senior Freeze inquiries 277-6600 ext.2488
Board of Review 277-6600 ext. 2489, 2493, 2488, or 2476
The two forms listed below are for real estate tax exemptions for non-profit, religious and taxing districts. Other forms are available at the Board of Review office.
PTAX-300 Application for Non-homestead Property Tax Exemption – County Board of Review Statement of Facts